JabRef celebrates Hacktoberfest 2019

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Get a (non-trivial) pull request merged, receive a sticker.

Get five (non-trivial) pull requests merged, receive a T-shirt.

The tool JabRef focusses on managing research publications. It has a large user base and is the most prominent open source reference manager. Currently, the tool is mainly used to manage BibTeX files, which are used in LaTeX documents.

Since three years, the JabRef developers aim for increasing the code quality of JabRef. Having pull requests reviewed by at least two other developers, the feedback on the code is of high quality. The benefit for the contributor is that their Java coding skills are enhanced: Not only the features are evaluated, but also the architecture of the code and the code style. Looking back, after going through that feedback, all former contributors said that they learned much during contributing to JabRef.

After a successful participation in Google’s Summer of Code 2019 and giving feedback on many pull requests, we decided to take part in Hacktoberfest 2019.

The JabRef team aims for high-quality code and high usability. Thus, just creating a pull request is not enough. You will get feedback on your solution with suggestions how to improve. to keep the pace, we ask you to quickly react on our comments.

With the first accepted pull request, you will learn the rules and improve your coding skills. We hope that this motivates you to keep impoving JabRef and contribute to a better user experience and thus better science.

You may work on anything. Source for ideas:

For larger contributions, contributors are encouraged to discuss their ideas with the developers and the community to improve their proposal until submission (e.g, using the Gitter Channel or the forum). It’s also a good idea to start working on one of the smaller issues to make yourself familiar with the contribution process.

We take the Hacktoberfest Values serious.

Quantity is fun, quality is key! Participating in Hacktoberfest leads to personal growth, professional opportunities, and community building. And it all begins with meaningful contributions to open source technology.

Thus, fixing five simple typos in five different pull requests won’t get you a sticker. Nonetheless, a small fix can open the path to bigger contributions and personal growth. We are glad to support you there.

Pull requests have to be created in October 2019. We might need some days to review. If you create late in October, the feedback may be provided in November. You will still have a chance to receive a reward. In case there are seven days or more of inactivity on your side, chances are that you won’t receive any reward.
Only merged pull requests on repositories at https://github.com/jabref/ count. To receive a reward, you need to provide us your shipping address. There is no obligation on the JabRef team to send out a sticker or a T-shirt. Reasons might be that we run out of stock or money. We love hacktoberfest value #2 (Quantity is fun, quality is key) and thus won’t send out a sticker for fixing a some trivial typos and grammer mistakes only. JabRef is maintained by a group of volunteers in their free time and not for profit. We do not take any liability on damages caused by you taking part in Hacktoberfest.

All in all: happy hacking.

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