JabRef is an open source bibliography reference manager. The native file format used by JabRef is BibTeX, the standard LaTeX bibliography format. JabRef runs on the Java VM (version 1.8 or newer), and works equally well on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

BibTeX is an application and a bibliography file format written by Oren Patashnik and Leslie Lamport for the LaTeX document preparation system. General information can be found on the CTAN BibTeX package information page. JabRef also supports BibLaTeX.

Bibliographies generated by LaTeX and BibTeX from a BibTeX file can be formatted to suit any reference list specifications through the use of different BibTeX and BibLaTeX style files.


Search the Web

Entries can be searched in external databases and BibTeX entries can be fetched from there. Example sources: arXiv, CiteseerX, Google Scholar, Medline, GVK, IEEEXplore, and Springer.

Import of various formats

RIS, Medline/Pubmed (xml), Refer/Endnote, INSPEC, BibTeXML, CSA, ISI Web of Science, SilverPlatter, Scifinder, OVID, Biblioscape, Sixpack, JStor, and RIS.

Moreover, the FireFox add-on JabFox makes importing new bibliographic information directly from the browser very easy.

Automatic download of full texts

JabRef can be instructed to search for the full text of a reference, download it, and directly link it to the BibTeX entry.

Search the bibliography

Search a pattern in the whole bibliography.

Classification of entries

You can group entries explicitly, by keywords or any other fields.

Integrates to your environment

Launch external applications: PDF viewers, web browser

Insert citations into TeXstudio, LyX, Kile, LatexEditor, Emacs, Vim, and WinEdt

Automatic Key generation

BibTeX keys can be automatically generated in a customizable way from document data, e.g. using author names, title and year.

Support for XMP Metadata in PDFs

Improve the workflow of sharing PDFs and bibliography information

Built-in and custom export formats

HTML, Docbook, BibTeXML, MODS, RTF, Refer/Endnote, and OpenOffice.org as well as LibreOffice

Customization of the JabRef interface

Fonts, displayed fields, etc.

Customization of BibTeX fields

You can add your own fields to any BibTeX entry type.


JabRef menus and dialog boxes are translated into Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (simplified), Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Persian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese.

See our translation page on github for more information and the status of each translation.


download development snapshot

We use install4j, the multi-platform installer builder.



Documentation is available at http://help.jabref.org.


Frequently asked questions are available at http://www.jabref.org/faq.

General Support

Use our discourse forum at http://discourse.jabref.org to get help or to provide feedback.

You can also propose new features there.

Bug and error reports are managed at GitHub.

Development Information

The development of JabRef is managed at GitHub.

You can find the source code and a contribution guide at our github project page at https://github.com/JabRef/jabref.


See https://github.com/JabRef/jabref/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md

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